Give orphans and vulnerable children hope and loving families

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Kinyarugonjo helps children be in safe and loving homes 

Our Mission

Give care, psychosocial support, to orphans, vulnerable children, and economic empowerment to their families to ensure basic needs get met.

Our vision

To help kids to be in loving families and be a model for best practice in protection for orphans and vulnerable children. Help more kids have hope and healthy development. 

What we do 

We serve young children who are abandoned, orphaned, experiencing abuse, parents who have a mental illness, and those separated from families during war or conflict. 

about us

How we care for kids

Kinyarugonjo provides safe residential care for orphans, vulnerable children, and abandoned infants.

We provide shelter, nutritious food, clothing, medical care, and education support.

Also, we provide educational support to children from low-income families in greater Kibaale, Uganda.

Currently, we have over 40 children under our our care.

Our goal is to help these children and others be in safe and loving families.

When a child leaves Kinyarugonjo, we provide additional support to strengthening parents and families better to meet the needs of their children for healthy development. 

What we do

Changing the way we care

A home is the best place for a child. Children have the best chance to thrive when they grow up in a family.  

That’s why we’re committed to strengthening families, and we are now shifting towards a family-based care model. 


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