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Assumpta’s story of Hope in kinship care

Assumpta has happily reunited with her grandparent’s something they thought was impossible.

The family now has the assurance of occasional essential support of salt, sugar, soap, and tuition support since because grandparents cannot currently provide for the dependants.

Thanks to generous donations, we were able to help this family get reunited and keep this family together, along with resources to support self-sufficiency.

In the photo: Assumpta, her grandfather and grandmother, and Sister Valeria (Social Worker)

Assumpta’s Story

Assumpta got admitted at the age of nine months after being abandoned by her biological mother to the critically vulnerable and aged disabled maternal grandparents with severe locomotive inability after the death of her father.

The disabled grandparents were already shouldering the burden of caring for double orphaned twin boys on the paternal side (the infant’s cousin brothers).

When interviewed, Assumpta’s grandparents said her mother dumped her because she wanted to earn a living and decided to run away. They tried to locate her, but all in vain.

In the picture: Assumpta is the littler girl by the bench, her grandparents are seated on the ground. Juliet, the social worker, and Sister Valeria do social work and monitoring and follow-up of Assumpta’s Family.

The need for kinship care

According to the Kinyarugonjo Children’s Home Policy and the government’s law of a child growing up from the family, the maximum stay at the children’s Home is six years. At three years, the social workers started the reunification process with the tracing of the mother.

After unsuccessfully trying to locate the biological mother, several assessments got conducted on the grandparents’ household.

Building family capacity

The team focused on how to build the capacity of the family to prepare and care for Assumpta.

By then, the twin boys were getting into adolescence but out of school. A decision made to kick start reunion of the index child now that she could find companionship and solace in her twin cousins.

The three most significant challenges for the family- included:

  • The lack of habitable house
  • Income generation
  • Tuition/Educational support for two boys and Assumpta.

 The family reunification plan 

The index child’s community felt concerned and constructed a permanent 2-roomed house though it wasn’t ready yet.

After the house was ready, Assumpta got to have bonding visits with her grandparents, and eventually, a date got set to reunify Assumpta.

Assumpta is now happily reunited with her family.

Kinyarugonjo will continue to make quarterly follow up visits to Assumpta’s household.

The Home also continues to give post-reunion support and monitoring to ensure that the child is developing and the household’s resilience is gets built.

Our goal is to help more children like Assumpta be in safe and loving families through our family-based care approach.

Children have the best chance to thrive when they grow up in a family.  Kinyarugonjo is helping with family-based care services.

Family-based care and Kinship care

The focus of Family-based care is providing the love, nurture, and security that allows a child to thrive through reunification with biological parents, kinship care, foster care, or adoption.

In most cases, kinship care – where extended families take care of children whose parents have died or abandoned them. These family members receive financial support, job training, food, school allowance, health care, and parenting coaching from our staff.

Help change the world of a child with a family.

Rather than placing vulnerable children in an orphanage, your gift can support children being in families.

When you give to Kinyarugonjo, you can change the world for a child.

Help impact the lives of children and families by donating today.



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